Farm Hygiene Dairy & Parlour Equipment

Oakwood have an extensive product range, including products from leading suppliers such as Deosan, Agrihealth and Dairy Spares: 


  • Cleaning Chemicals & detergents (Full Farm Hygiene Audit offered by Deosan)
  • Dairy equipment including Liners, brushes etc
  • Calf Hygiene
  • Bio security – Footdips etc
  • Personal Protective Equipment, paper towels, overalls, wellingtons, gloves and other sundries

FutureCow Products


Teat prep in one easy step

Direct Drive technology takes Teatscrubber to another level

The FutureCow® TeatScrubber™ washes, stimulates, disinfects, and dries teats all in one easy step. Our Direct Drive system houses all components in the handle which eliminates drive shafts and casings seen in other less reliable teat scrubbers.

Completley sealed
The Direct Drive TeatScrubber is a completely sealed and integrated system. This technology virtually eliminates costly maintenance and greatly reduces delays and downtime.

What is inluded
Our state-of-the-art system includes 3 components:

  • FutureCow control box
  • Direct Drive TeatScrubber
  • Chlorine dioxide solution

Designed to last
The FutureCow TeatScrubber is designed to last a minimum of 200,000 maintenance-free milkings, with only quick brush changes required.
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The Futurecow Direct Drive Unit – the first of its kind

Easy maintenance

  • No drive shaft or casing to hinder scrubber movement
  • No gears to change or triggers to replace
  • No tools required for
  • brush changes

Customisable system for any herd size

Compatible with any parlour type

DairyAir® Brush Unit available

  • High pressure jet of air shortens dry time

Proprietary chlorine dioxide solution

  • Complete kill against all major mastitis causing organisms
  • Very effective on heavily soiled teats
  • Mild on teat skin

MilkRite Products

Milkrite offer an alternative liner of equal quality to other manufacturers at a competitive price. Milkrite uses cutting edge technology in Impulse Air which is proven and patented, with more than 25% of cows milked in North America being milked with Impulse Air technology.




  • Light weight and ergonomic
  • Easy to handle
  • Reduced overall


Orbiter HD

  • Easy Handling
  • Robust
  • Plastic bowl
  • Clear bowl



Cluster Exchange

To save you time and money with the latest in liner technology, Milkrite offer a cluster exchange service.

  • We maintain the claw for you
  • Latest technology – triangular + mouthpiece vented
  • No hassle change process, new clusters arrive automatically
  • Much easier and quicker liner change
  • Cluster Tailored to your system





  • Extensive range to fit most parlour types
  • Food grade materials used
  • No quibble warranty to 2500 milkings



  • Gentler milking
  • Faster milking
  • Improved teat health


Impulse Air

  • Improved teat condition
  • Relaxed parlour atmosphere
  • Lower scc and reduced mastitis






  • Dual layer tubing
  • Durable & Flexible
  • More hygienic



  • High grade silicone
  • Heavy duty
  • Clear or blue


Standard Black tubing

  • High quality material
  • Superb chemical resistance