Stock List

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Cattle and Dairy Products

Gas Express De-horner
Gas Refill Express
Dehorning Wire 
Dehorning Wire Handles Pair
Cattle Halter Sisal Polypropylene
Calf Halter Cotton Natural
Vink Calving Ropes
Calving Rope 2 Loop
Anti-sucker Green Economy
Vink Calving Aid 180cm
Teat Calf Red 100mm With Hole
Super Calf Teat 100mm Cross Cut
Big Softy Calf Teat Shoof
Peachy Calf Teat Black Firm
Milk Bar Calf Teat Soft Colostrum 5 pack
Bucket Bar Hiko Calf Feeder
Wydale Calf Feeder 5 Teat
Speedy Drinker Shoof 2.5L Complete
Speedy Drencher Attachment
Calf Feeding Bottle 3L
Calf Stomach Tube
Easy Drencher
Calf Milk Train 10L Bucket 2 Teat Shoof
Lamina Royal 2gal  Calf Bucket
Lamina Calf Bucket Tough Blue 1.25gal
Provita Calf Colostrum Calf 300g
Provita Response Paste 15gm
Provita Response Capsules 20’s
Prolyte Extra Sachets 76g
Rehydion F+ 320ml
Sacrolyte 100g
Sacrolyte Calf 3kg
Response WD Powder 450g
Calf Coat 70cm
Calf Jacket Heat Up
Diaproof Pro 1Kg
Digital Thermometer
Thermometer Digital Max/Min (Agri)
Milk Thermometer
Stockholm Tar
Battles Louse Powder 750g
Louse Powder 500g (for direct to animal)
Calf Scour Diagnostic Kit 5 Test-1
Ketosaid Oral 5L
Provimi Refresh
Provita Rumen Stim 12x100g
Provita Calcium Boviphos 500ml
Future Cow Brush
Curry Comb Double Sided
Curry Comb Spring Circular
Deosan Teat Foam Cup
California Milk Test Liquid 1L
Mastitis Test Paddle
Nylon Heavy Duty Hobbles
Leather Heavy Duty Hobbles
Ultra Flow Windsor Milking Sleeve 260×150(100)
Milk Filter Sleeve 30×6 100
Kick Bar Cow Immobliser Extra Heavy Duty
Upsprayer Bottle 600ml
Ambic Classic Teat Spray Gun Blue
Quarter Milker Tubes & Conc
Stainless Steel Univ Insemination Gun
Standard Dairy Teat Wipe Refill (Box3)

Dairy Hygiene

Deosan Deogen 20L, 200L
Deosan D90 20kg
Deosan TC 86 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Diamond 20L, 200L, 950L
Alphacide 20K – 5 Gallon
Alphacide Activator – 5 Gallon
Phos Clean Duo 20L, 200L, 950L 
Deosan Acidbrite 20L
Deosan Coldbrite 20L
Universal Vacuum Pump Oil 5L
Milking Machine Oil 25L
Deosan Activ 25kg, 200L
Deosan Red Label Hypo 20L, 200L, 950L
Teatfoam Advance 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Teat Care Plus 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Summer Teat Care + 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Mastocide 20L, 200L
Deosan Activate PVP Plus 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Activate Pre/Post 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Activate Barrier 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Activate Pre (4:1) 20L
Deosan Super Excel 20L, 200L, 950L
Star Conc Idocare 20L, 200L
Deosan Triathlon 20L, 200L

Sheep and Marking

Sheep Smart Reader
Provita Colost Lamb 500g, 1.25kg, 2.5kg
 Provita Colost Lamb 12x50g
Castration Rings 100, 500
Castration Ring Applicator
Lamb Reviver with Red Tube 140ml
Lamb Reviver Agrihealth 60ml cw catheters
Kwazar Mercury Sprayer 500ml, 1L
Heat Lamp Small inc 5m cable
Philips Infrared Heat Lamp Clear 250w
Turnock Heat Lamp Large C/W Plug Max 250w
Bearin Pro Lapse Harness w/tube
Prolapse Harness Blue
Bearing Restraining Harness
Harness Ewe Truss Pro. Nylon
Lambing Rope 1.8x4mm 2 Loop
Lambing Aid Plastic
Shepherds Crook 
Lamb Mac Large
Suture Tape Prolapse 6mm x 5mm
Suture Needles Half Curved for tape 5in
Pritchard Lamb Teats Screw on
Lamb Teat Non-Vac
Lamb Teat Hiko Red, White
Milk Bar Lamb & Kid Teat 
Lamb Teat Pullover Latex
Lamb Bucket 6T spare red teats (6)
Lamb Feeder Bottle Non Vac
Shepherdess Orphan Lamb Feeder
Mini Suckler
Volac Ewe2 Feeder
Provita Jump Start Lamb
Iodine 10% 500ml, 2L, 5L
Provita Energy Plus 500ml, 1L, 5L
Twin Lamb Drench 500ml
Growvite Multi Birth 500ml
Ovaloid Tablets
J Lube Powder 284g
Lubricant Gel Blue Obsteric 500ml, 2L
Bactakil 500ml, 1L
Provita Lamb Response 100ml
Glucose Powder 2kg bucket
Surgical Spirit 500ml, 2L
Sheep Shears 
Shearcordless Sheep Clippers
Liscop Cutter & Comb 
 Clip Comb 93mm
 Comb & Cutter Set 76mm
Daggaway Comb
Daggaway Cutter
Huntaway Comb
Halter Sheep Cotton White
Tail Tape (Various Colours)
Tail Paint (Tell Tail) Aerosol 500Mls (Various Colours)
Estrotect Heat Detector 10, 50
Kamar Heat Detectors 25
Kamar Spare Glue
Mating Mark Deluxe Ram Harness
Ram Harness Super Blue
Matingmark No Mate Harness Attachment
Ram Harness Super Economy
Ritchie Harness
Ritchie Sprayline 400ml (Various Colours)
Mark Stick Raidex Red Twist Up (Various Colours)
Siromark Marking Fluid 5L Blue (Various Colours)
Dales Marker 5L Red (Various Colours)
All Temp Ram Crayon (Various Colours)
Mating Mark Crayons Cold (Various Colours)
Matingmark Ram Crayon Mild (Various Colours)
Ram Raddle Powder 1kg (Various Colours)
Ram Raddle Powder 3kg (Various Colours)
Marking Paint Brands A-Z Set

Poultry Supplies

Cybor Cable for Aquadis Water Meters
Bio Wipes x1000
Aquadis 3/4 WRAS water meter
Egg Wash Basket 100
Egg Wash Basket 200
Rotamaid Machine 200 Egg
Rotamaid Machine – 100 egg
25L Trug Dip
Disinfection Mat
Seko Tekna Digital Pump
Aquadis 1/2″ Water Meter
Foot Bath 180L
Footdip Bath with Galv lid

Animal Health Products

Dectospot 1L & 2.5L
Deltanil 1L & 2.5L
Spot On 1L, 2.5L & Summer Pack
Spot On 250ml
Butox Swish 1L, 2.5L & Promo Pack 
Blackleg Vaccine 50ml 
Flectron Ear Tags 20
Spotinor Cattle/Sheep 10mg 250ml
Ectofly Pour-On for Sheep 5L
Crovect 5L
Dysect Sheep Pour On 5L
Clik Pour On 2.2L & 5L
Clik Extra 5L
Clikzin Pour On 5L
Golden Fleece 5L
Cydectin Triclamox Cattle Pour On 1L, 2.5L & 5L
Closamectin Pour On 1L, 2.5L & 5L 
Closamectin Pour On 2.5L & 5L
Bimectin Plus 500ml
Zolvix 1ltr & 2.5L
Animec Super Inj 250ml, 500ml & Promo Pack
Animec Injection 500ml
Vecoxan 1L, 2.5L & 5L
Cydectin Triclamox Drench Sheep 1L, 2.5L & 5L
Combinex Sheep Promo Pack 2 x 5L + 2.2L
Fasimec Duo S 2.2L & 5L
Supaverm 2.5L & 5L
Fasinex 240 0.8L, 2.2L & 5L
Fasinex Sheep 5% 5L
Flukiver 2.5L & 5L
Tribex 10% Sheep 5L
Tribex 5% 5L
Solantel 1L, 2.5L & %L
Rumenil 5L
Levafas Diamond 4L
Endofluke 10% 2.5L & 5L
Zanil Oral Soln 5L
Bimectin Injection 500ml
Animec Oral 2.5L, 5L & Promo Pack
Tramazole 2.5% SC 2.5L, 5L & 10L
Parafend 5% 5L
Parafend 2.265% 5L
Dectomax 50ml, 250ml, 500ml & Promo Pack
Cydectin 2% LA 50ml, 200ml & 500ml
Cydectin Sheep Drench 1L, 2.5L & 5L
Zerofen 2.5% 2.5L
Rycoben SC 5L
Albex 2.5% SC 1L, 2.5L
Chanaverm 7.5% 2.5L, 5L
Levacur 3% SC 2.5L, 5L & 10L
Covexin 10 50ml & 100ml
Bravoxin 10 50ml & 100ml
Rotavec Corona 10ml & 40ml
Leptavoid H 20ml & 50ml
Heptavac-P Plus 50ml, 100ml, 250ml & 500ml
Ovivac-P Plus 100ml & 500ml
Covexin 8 100ml & 250ml
Footvax 20ml, 50ml and 250ml
Combinex Cattle 2.2L, 5L & Promo Pack
Bimectin Pour On 2.5L & 5L
Cydectin Pour On 2.5L & 5L
Dectomax Pour On 1L, 2.5L & 5L
Zerofen 10% 2.5L, 5L & 10L
Cydectin 10% 50ml & 200ml
Bimectin Injection 500ml
Tramazole SC 10% 2.5L & 5L
Panacur 10% 1L
Animec Pour On Flexi 2.5L & 5L
Imaverol 100ml
Neoprinil 2.5L, 4.5L & 8L
Ivomec Classic Pour On 2.5L & 5L
Ivomec Inj 500ml bottle
Ivomec Super 500ml
Flimabend 100g
Flimabend 750g
Prazitel Plus F (1 tablet x 10kg)
Calciject 20 CMD No6 400ml
Calciject 40 CM No5
Megacal M Inj 12x100ml
Magniject 9 400ml
Adrenacaine 100ml
Hornex 25g

Disinfectants and Detergents

Osmonds Zenosan 25kg
Formalin 40 25kg, 220kg, 1000kg
Virkon S 10kg
BioVX 5kg, 10kg
Zal Perax 5L, 20L
BioShield P – 25L
Jeyes Fluid 5L
Battles Black Fluid 4.5L
Interkokask Concentrate 10kg
Biokill 5kg, 25kg 
Bi-OO-Cyst 5kg
BioBacto 5L 
Virkon H20 10kg
Biochlor Tablets 200, 500
JD Super Dilac 20L
EnduroSafe 20L
EnduroSuper 20L
JD Delladet 20L
BioTurbo Plus 25L
Blast Off 25L
Cup Shine
Persil Washing Up Liquid
Persil non bio 90wash
Comfort Original 5L
Spectak G 20L
Heavy Duty Cleaner 25L
BioQuat 25L
Contract 2000 20L
Egg Wash Powder Low Foam 10kg
Egg Wash Liquid 1L, 5L
BioClean Aqua  5L, 25kg, 200kg
Bio pH Hard Water 25L
Deosan Deogen 20L, 200L
Deosan D90 20kg
Deosan TC 86 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Diamond 20L, 200L, 950L
Alphacide 20K – 5 Gallon
Alphacide Activator – 5 Gallon
Phos Clean Duo 20L, 200L, 950L 
Deosan Acidbrite 20L
Deosan Coldbrite 20L
Universal Vacuum Pump Oil 5L
Milking Machine Oil 25L
Deosan Activ 25kg, 200L
Deosan Red Label Hypo 20L, 200L, 950L
Teatfoam Advance 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Teat Care Plus 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Summer Teat Care + 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Mastocide 20L, 200L
Deosan Activate PVP Plus 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Activate Pre/Post 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Activate Barrier 20L, 200L, 950L
Deosan Activate Pre (4:1) 20L
Deosan Super Excel 20L, 200L, 950L
Star Conc Idocare 20L, 200L
Deosan Triathlon 20L, 200L

Hoof and Dosing

DOSING – available in various sizes
Prima Tech Drencher 
Prima Tech Dosing Gun
Hookmatic 80 Drencher with Floating Hook
Prima Tech BMV Premium Pack 
Prima Tech BMV Value Pack
Prima Tech Fixed Dose BMV 
Prima Tech BMV Spare Barrel
Prima Tech Vaccinator Premium Pack 
Prima Tech Adjustable Dose Vacinator 
Prima Tech Sheep Shooter 2ml
Agriject Syringe
Syring 2 Part Luer 5ml 100
Dosing Nozzle For Luer Syringe
Agriject Poly Hub needles
Agriject Ali Hub needles
Fearing Needles 
Hypodermic Needles 
Sterimatic Start Pack Sterivax Pack
Metal Hub needles
Arplex Nylon Syringe Luer Lock 
Syring 2-part Luer
Kruuse Syringe 
Sharps Box – 0.25L/3L
Footrot Shears 
Hoof Knife Aesculap Redwood 
Copper Sulphate 25kg
Provita Hoofsure Endurance 5L, 10L, 20L
Provita Combat 250ml, 500ml
Provita Hoofsure Konquest Gel Tub 300g
Provita Hoofsure Konquest Gel Tube 300g
Hoofsure Konquest 30g
Golden Hoof Zinc Sulphate Plus 20kg
Golden Hoof Zinc Sulphate 20kg
Kling on Blue Sheep 7kg
Kling On Blue Hoof Paste 400ml
Kling On Blue Cattle 19Kg
Footmaster Spray 500ml
Zinc O Ped 20kg
Demotec-90  42 Hoof Pack
Demotec Green Shoes (12pk)
Demotec Green shoe (36 Pack)

Buckets and Bagged Minerals

Contact us for any specific formulations you require:-

Rupromin General Purpose Cattle 25kg
Rupromin General Purpose Sheep 25kg
BUCKET FEED – available in 20kg, 100kg & 500kg buckets 
Pre Calving Bucket 
Cattle Protein Bucket 
Calf Tub Plus Bucket (Lick) 12.5kg
Hi Energy Bucket 
Easy Lamber Bucket (Twin Lambing) 
Pre Tupping Bucket 
Protein Energy Bucket
Ewe & Lamb 
BUCKET MINERAL – available in 20kg, 100kg & 500kg buckets
Molamin Cattle Bucket 
Molamin Hi Mag & CU
Molamin Dry Cow Bucket 
Molamin Garlyx Bucket 
Molamin Fertility
Molamin Young Stock 
Pecking Blocks
Molamin Sheep Buckets 
Oakwood Molamin Sheep Flourish Bucket 
Game Block 12.5kg
Molamin Hi Mag Bucket
Molamin Zinco Bucket 
Molamin Phos Bucket 
Molamin Phos Bucket 500kg
BUCKET SALT – available in 20kg, 100kg & 500kg buckets 
Hi Trace Salt Cattle Bucket 
Salt Hi Iodine Buckets 
Hi Trace Sheep Salt Bucket
Hi Zinc Stockbloc 
Hi Trace Salt Bucket 
Rock Salt 
Rock Salt 1200kg 

Minerals and Boluses

Cose I cure Applicator Sheep & Lamb
Co-secure Applicator Cattle
24-7 Applicator Sheep
24-7 Applicator Lamb
All Trace Bolus 20
All Trace Bolus High Iodine 20
Amimax Tracesure Cattle CU/I 20
Amimax Tracesure CU/I Calf 20
Cosecure Cattle Bolus 20
Cose I cure Cattle Bolus 20
Rumbul Cattle Bullets 10S
Cose I Cure Cattle Bolus (5 x 20 + App)
Animax Tracesure Co Sheep 250
Animax Tracesure Se/I  250
Animax Tracesure Coprac 2g 250
Tracesure Coprac 4g 250
Tracesure Traffic Lights Lamb Finish 2g 250
Cosecure Sheep 50
Cose I cure Sheep 50
Cose I Cure Sheep Bolus (5×50+app)
Agrimin 24-7 Lamb Bolus 200
24-7 Smartrace Ewe 50
24-7 Smartrace Plus Ewe 50
Rumbul Bullets Sheep & Calves 20
Copinox Animax Ewe & Calf 4g 250
Cattle Flourish 2.5L
Oakwood Sheep Flourish 2.5L, 5L
Oakwood Sheep Flourish with Copper 2.5L, 5L
Provita Min Sheep 1L, 2.5L, 5L
Provita Min Sheep with Copper 1L, 2.5L, 5L
Provita Min Col, Sel & B12 1L, 2.5L, 5L
Growvite B12 Selenium & Cobalt 1L, 2.5L, 5L
Multi Vit 20L
Agrilyte 5L
Solulyte 5L
Stress Less 5L
Oakwood Shell Aid 20L
Total Prebiotic Spectrum 5L
Hen Grit 25kg

Pest Control

We only supply professional use product. Proof of training or certification will be requires at point of sale:-

Maggots Larvicide
Sheila 2kg
Twenty One 1kg
Perbio Choc
Digrain Wasp & Hornet Destroyer 
Digrain Control 
Digrain One Shot
Digrain C40WP 
Digrain Fly Glue Roll 
Digrain Fly Reel Kit
Digrain Fly Reel Refill
Premost Fly Spray 
Red Top Flycatcher
Insecto Fly Zapper 26 watts
Ficam W 
Ficam Dust 
Poultry Shield 
Mefisto Shock
Phobi Smoke Pro 90
K-Obiol Ulv Grain Insecticide 15L
K-Obiol EC25 1L
Jade Bromagrain
Jade Blocks
Ruby Grain Cut Wheat 
Ruby Grain Whole Wheat
Ruby Blocks
Ruby Paste Tube 
Vertox Wholewheat 
Rodex Wholewheat 
Sapphire Grain 
Sapphire Paste 
Tube Provoke For Mice 
Sakarat Liquid Bait 
Storm Secure Blocks 3kg
Racumin Foam 500ml
AF Advance Mouse Box Black
AF Mouse Box Shoes
ATOM Rat Bait Station Black
EZ Baiter with Tubes
Glue Board
Ultrabait Key
Talpex Mole Trap
Mole Claw Trap
Snap E-Rat Trap
Power Kill Mouse Trap
Raco Claw Mole Trap

PPE and Paper Towel

Solway Dust Mask 9010 (FPP1) 20
Solway Dust Mask 9020 (FPP2) 20
Solway Dust Mask 9020V Disp Respirator 10
3M Dust Mask Valved 8822 (FPP2) 10
3M Dust Mask Plus 9332 (FPP3) 10
3M Dust Mask Plus 9322+ (FPP2) 10
Overboots Plastic Disposable 25pairs
Full Face Mask
Bekina Step Lite (All sizes)
Bekina Steel (All sizes)
Bekina Insoles
Dunlop Pricemastor
Dunlop Purofort Thermo Plus Full Safety
Nora Dolomite Green
Ultrasafe Violet Nitrile Gloves 
Kleartex Ai A/Length Gloves 
Flexothane Cl Rotterdam Trousers Olive Green
Flexothane Cl Louisiana Bib & Brace O’Green
Flexothane Cl Dortmund Coat Olive Green
Flexothane Ess Dover Jacket Olive Green
Flexothane Essential Jakarta Jacket
Flexothane Essential Bangkok Trouser Green
Sealflex Over Trouser Green 
Sealflex Bib Over Trousers 
Sealflex Parka Green Large
Dry-Tex Over Trousers
Dry-Tex Bib & Brace 
Dry-Tex Parlour Jacket Long Sleeved 
Dry-Tex Parlour Jacket Short Sleeved
Neoprene Leggings (one size)
Duratough Apron
Monsoon Neoprene Parlour Trousers 
Lucart SkyTech Blue 2ply 1x6pack
Drying Roll 1ply Green 1x16pack (350)
Standard Centrefeed Roll Dispenser (white)
Centerfeed 2ply Blue 1.9cmx104m (smooth)
PRO Dairy Wipe Green 2ply 1x6pack
Bliss Toilet Roll 4pack
SoSoft Tissues 2ply White 24PK
Lucart SkyTech 1000sheet 3ply Single Roll
Lucart SkyTech 1000st 3ply Blue 1x2pack

Milk Powder

Owens Sprint Plus (Skim) Milk Replacer 25kg
Provimi Daisy Calf (Whey) Milk Replacer 20kg
Provimi Shepherdess Milk Replacer 20kg
Proffessional Calf Milk Replacer 20kg

Fencing and Sundries

Gallup 5L
Liquid paraffin 5L
Lamina Royal 1.25gal Bucket
Lamina Royal 2gal Bucket
Lamina Dumpy Wide Top Bucket Tough Blue
Heavy Duty Bucket Black 3gal
Heavy Duty Bucket Yellow 3gal
Creosote 20L, 200L
Cap Tap 20L, 200L
Litter Picker Easy Lift
Whisk Metal Handle 40cm
Measuring Jug 1L, 2L, 5L
Premium Measuring Jug 3L, 5L
Weighing Scales 50Kg
Teisen Farm and Family Skin Care
White Bulk Lotion Soap Dispenser 900ml
5L Pump Dispenser
Bio Soap 5L
Hand Sanitising Gel 5L
Ezi-Action Drumpump 100L/205L
Ezi-Action Drum Pump 20/25Ltr
Ezi-Action Drumpump ADPT M55 200L
Calmag Pump
Ball Valve PT 1/2″ HP 1.25″TL
Ballvalve Arm PT I SHT 6 1/2″
Poly Float for 1/2″ B/vlv 4.5″
Blue Pen Knife 3″
Pen Knife Lamb Foot Wooden Handle 2.5″
Hoof Pen Knife Curved 2.75″ Red
Tally Counter
Dip Your Feet Signs
Antec Foot Dip Signs
 Fenceman Energiser CP1900
Fenceman Warning Sign
 Fenceman Insulator Corner Egg
Fenceman Insulator Nail L
 Fenceman Insulator Gate Anchor 3 Way
Fenceman Gate Standard Handle
Fenceman Elastic Gate
Taragate Geared Wheel 3:1
Fenceman Fencing Pliers
 Fenceman Insulator Nail On Tape S
 Fenceman Net Rabbit 65cm x 50m
Fenceman Circuit Breaker
Fenceman Tape Connector 40mm (5) (A)
Fenceman Tape Connector 2 Line 20-40mm
Fenceman Tester
Fenceman Insulator Screw In 20mm (10)
Fenceman Tape White 40mm 500m
 Fenceman Tensioner Wire On Line WZ35 (A)
Fenceman Insulator Nail On EXHD Rope&Wire (25)
Fenceman Insulator Gate Anchor (10) WI604
Fenceman Gate Pack
Fenceman Undergate Cable 100m
 Fenceman Gate Handle Lime Green
 Fenceman Gate handle Pink
Fenceman gate handle Purple
 Fenceman gate handle Blue
Fenceman Battery 9V 130Ah Alkaline
Fenceman Energiser M Protect Mains 230V
 Fenceman Wire Galvanised 7 Strand 400M
 Fenceman Tester Digital Voltmeter
 Fenceman Poly Post White 90cm
 Fenceman Tape White 40mm 200m
Fenceman Reel Plastic Universal WZ29
Fenceman Tape Connector 40mm