Pest Control


Prevention is always better than cure

Farm pest and rodent control: control rats, mice and flies to prevent disease spread around your farm and between neighbouring farms. Oakwood’s tailor-made hassle free pest control programs are individually designed to suit you and your farming business.

An Oakwood pest control program is valuable peace of mind you can’t do without. A comprehensive pest treatment record provides the documentation required for farm assurance and hygiene inspections. Reactive one-off rat, mice and fly treatments are available where you require an immediate impact upon an existing pest problem.

Reduce the risk of financial losses through non-compliance by working with Oakwood to control pests and rodents on your farm.

Oakwood – leading the way in agricultural pest control.

So what can we offer you?

At Oakwood we have invested in our staff with high quality training enabling them to deliver consistency and excellent rodent control service every time. This has enabled Oakwood to become accredited members of the NPTA.

Our pest control programs give you peace of mind while saving time.

The necessary documentation for your farm assurance, quality and hygiene inspections is provided with every program. Oakwood provides a full treatment with both environmental and risk assessments to ensure CRRU certification can be met.