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Egg laying & broiler poultry shed cleaning procedures are essential to ensure a healthy and productive flock. Oakwood will advise you on the best cleaning programme and products to be used providing you with a complete cleaning plan compliant with Lion Code of Practice.

Oakwood have an extensive range of products from leading suppliers:

Avitech | Bekina | Intracare | Kilco | Lodi | Solway


  • Cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
  • Egg washers
  • Water pumps and cables 
  • Water treatments
  • Bio security – footdips
  • Personal Protective Equipment, overalls, wellingtons, gloves and sundries

Intracare Poultry Hygiene

Intra Hygiene

The number 1 programme to ensure the best farm hygiene

Intra Hydrocare | Intra Multi Des GA | Intra Foamcleaner

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